Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Dark Game: True Spy Stories

I haven’t read a Young Adult book since, well, since I was a young adult. After a lifetime of reading “adult” books, I was pleasantly surprised to find that this book, meant for a young audience, readily held my attention.

What was particularly satisfying was the amount of historical background provided for each spy. Their life and times are described in enough detail to give a well-rounded view without overdoing it and perhaps losing the interest of someone who is not familiar with the historical eras described.

The author covers the whole of American history, from the Revolutionary War to the end of the twentieth century. I was also pleased to note that both men and women, good guys and bad guys are the subjects of the book.

This is a great book to introduce young people to the history of espionage in the United States. It is also a quick and fascinating read for adults who can use it as a jumping off point for more in depth research into this intriguing subject.

Review copy courtesy of Candlewick Press

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